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As General Practitioners we treat all common medical conditions. We refer you to specialists if necessary and cooperate closely with hospitals. Our aim is to accompany you throughout your life, to guide you through the complicated health care system and to focus on the health of the whole person.
As Infecious Diseases Specialists we offer to manage your complicated infectious disease. We keep our knowledge updated and closely cooperate with other specialists.
We continue to take care of your medical needs in times of the coronavirus pandemic. Our acute consultation and our regular consultation remain open as usual. We're looking forward to meeting you.

Our Praxis is actively engaged in the medical care of patients with definite or suspected diagnosis of COVID-infection. As infectious diseases experts, diagnosing and treating COVID-disease is one of our medical specialties. This way, we ease the strain on hospitals and offer counsel to patients in need.
Thanks to comprehensive measures we've maximally reduced infection risk on our premises!

We're asking all patients to arrange a specific consultation time by phone. Please do not show up without an appointment. This way we're avoiding overcrowding and waiting time for you. If you're in need of acute medical care, we can offer appointments the same or the next day.
We're treating possibly infectious patients separate from regular patients. We have allocated specific times and a distinct hallway of our Praxis for COVID-patients.

It goes without saying that you're able to book regular consultations as usual. We've successfully organized our Praxis in a way that avoids overcrowding, offering smooth procedures.

For travelers (returning or departing) and patients in need of Coronavirus-testing without having symptoms suggestive of infection we also offer all kinds of available coronatests (PCR, rapid antigen test, antibody test).

You'll find more detailed information on our special section on Coronavirus.
Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone if there are further questions.

Erfahren Sie mehr zu unseren Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz.

You can book appointments online for Corona vaccination depending on availability of vaccine.

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Please book an appointment by telephone for a medical consultation in our practice:

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Patients of our practice can order prescriptions and referrals to specialists online:

Medical Emergency

For medical emergencies outside office hours, please contact our medical emergency call center:


Patients with suspected COVID-19 disease

As a specialized COVID treatment center we offer medical advice if you have suspected Coronavirus disease. Please book an appointment in our acute open consultation hours - we'll be able to see you and care for you the very same day.

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