Clinical Research

Our practice is part of a network of clinical research. Thanks to our cooperations with the University Clinics of Cologne and Bonn, we an offer you to participate in current medical studies, primarily in the field of HIV and Hepatitis. By this, you might be able to access new treatment regimens before they’re licenced in the pharmacies.

As those studies are subject to tight and thorough regulation, we can guarantee that you’ll be treated according to all available safety regulations. Most certainly, patient-doctor confidentiality will also be observed in all situations.

If you’re interested in taking part in a medical study, talk to us. We’ll quickly be able to find out if you’re eligible for a current study. In a personal talk with your doctor, we can provide all information necessary to prepare participation.

Training practice at the University Hospital Cologne

We are pleased that we are an official training practice of the university hospital Cologne. Medical students can complete part of their practical training with us. During the internships, the students take part in the consultation and practice the patient interview, the physical examination, the correct diagnosis and the selection of a suitable therapy.

We will of course ask our patients individually whether the presence of a student is desired. The medical secrecy is of course also maintained by our students.

In addition, we are pleased that the Medical Association has granted us permission to continue training in general medicine and infectious diseases. Young colleagues can thus complete decisive stages of their medical training in our practice.