Our Practice

The team of our practice

A few short remarks about the history of our practice

Our practice was founded by W. Wiesel in 1991. From the very start, his emphasis was on treating patients as a General Practitioner with a focus on Infectious Diseases. In the following years, his team was reinforced with the addition of Dr. Albert Theisen and Dr. Esther Voigt.

After moving successfully to a new practice at Ebertplatz, our team was once again increased in size: Dr. Christoph Wyen und Dr. Tim Kümmerle, until then employed at the University Clinic of Cologne, joined us in 2012.

Our self-conception as medical doctors

Our goal is to keep you healthy. To achieve this, we offer multiple prophylactic examinations, like cancer preventive exams or check-up examinations. If you’re afflicted from disease, we’d like to accompany you through your medical treatment to alleviate your symptoms and suffering.

We’d like to help you improve your ability to carry responsibility for your health. We can acieve this by getting you more knowledgeable through training and medical education. Part of our task is to help you identify unnecessary procedures and costly non-beneficial treatments.

We see the patient-doctor relationship as a relation on equal footing. We’ll try to take all your questions, sorrows and worries seriously and we'll guide you through the complicated health system.

We know that only if you feel that you’re in good hands, we can care for your health in an optimal manner.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.