Infectios Diseases

Infectious Diseases usually affect the entire body. As we’re both specialists in Infectious Diseases and primary care physicians, we can offer a 360° medical care. We diagnose and treat all kinds of Infectious Diseases that do not require inpatient hospital treatment.

By constant further education and cooperation with other specialits, we keep our knowledge up to date.

Care of HIV-positive patients

HIV is a retrovirus which causes AIDS in infected humans. Infections are acquired by blood and sexual contacts. Untreated, HIV-infection leads to a progressive loss of certain immune cells (helper cells) which causes a destruction of the immune system and the development of dangerous infections (opportunistic infections). Thanks to the presently available drug therapy, immune system failure can be stalled and AIDS-complications prevented.

Provided the medical treatment is taken regularly, the virus is cleared from the bloodstream („viral load undetectable“), keeping helper cells from being destroyed. We expect HIV-positive patients under regular, modern treatment to have a normal life expectancy. Most patients tolerate the drugs quite well, reporting no severe impairment of life quality. Regular check-up examinations with a physician will be necessary, however. We can provide the complete medical care of HIV-positive patients in our practice.

  • antiretroviral treatment according to modern standards
  • participation in patient trials with new drugs and therapies
  • prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections
  • prophylaxis and treatment of HIV-associated health problems
  • treatment of sexual health problems
  • preventive treatments (check-up cardiovascular risk, cancer prevention)

Treatment for Hepatitis B/C

In the alphabet of viral hepatitis, mostly the chronic infections hepatitis B and hepatitis C are of dangerous relevance. Within the last months and years, new drugs have emerged and more will emerge in the future, facilitating treatment and care of hepatitis patients in an important way. Mostly in the area of hepatitis C, we recently have a completely new arsenal of new drugs to fight this dangerous virus. In our practice, we treat all kinds of hepatitis infections. Thanks to our cooperation with the university clinics Cologne and Bonn, we can fit you into current medical studies providing the newest medication available.

  • modern antiviral treatment according to modern standards
  • therapy of Hepatitis/HIV co-infection
  • participation in patient trials with new drugs and therapies
  • complete laboratory diagnostic
  • ultrasound examination of the liver

Treatment for infections acquired by insect and animal bites

Insect bites and stings can lead to dangerous infectious diseases. This applies foremost to tropical countries, but is also true in a moderate climate like central Europe. As an example, tick bites can lead to Meningitis (tick-borne encephalitis TBE), Borreliosis (Lyme-Disease) and other infections.

Mosquito bites can cause infectious complications. We’ll help you to find out if you have any such infection and how and if it should be treated. Furthermore, we offer medical advice before you travel abroad: How should you prepare for your journey, what vaccinations will you need, what should you do in case you catch a germ while traveling.

Other kinds of infectious diseases

Infections acquired by sexual contact (STIs) like gonorrhea, syphilis or chlamydia. Lung infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Infections in the genitourinary tract, the bile duct, the intestinal tract, skin and soft tissue infections. We’re able to apply all kinds of antibiotic treatments and offer intravenous application of certain drugs.

  • sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • tuberculosis
  • treatment of febrile illnesses
  • diseases acquired when travelling
  • infections acquired by insects resp. insect bites
  • infections in immunocompromised patients