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Internist and Consultant Infecious Diseases

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Associate professor (PD) Dr. Christoph Wyen has been a part of the Praxis am Ebertplatz team starting 2012. From 1993 until 2000, he attended medical school in Cologne and Paris.

Since 2001, he was physician in training at the University Clinic of Cologne under the supervision of Prof. Fätkenheuer, head of the department of Infectious Diseases.

He was board certified as Internist in 2007 and certified as Infectious Diseases specialist in 2012. His scientific work is centered around research on HIV-associated lymphoproliferative disorders and pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral substances.

Dr. Wyen will continue to work at the Infectious Diseases outpatient ward at the University Clinic Cologne, however, his emphasis is on his work at the Praxis am Ebertplatz.

Curriculum Vitae

1993 - 2000
Medical School

Ph.D. Thesis

Qualification as Internist

Additional Qualification in Infectiology / recertification 2013 and 2018

Additional Title Infectiology

since 2013
Private Practice Praxis am Ebertplatz / Cologne

Habilitation and obtaining the title of private lecturer at the University of Cologne